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Lithuanian AAT in Afghanistan
For more then three years a Lithuanian led Air Advisory Team (AAT) trained Afghan National Army soldiers how to maintain and operate a Mi-8/17 unit. Their mission was completed on September 23 and a formal ceremony was held in the Lithuanian Camp Gabriel, Kandahar Airbase Afghanistan.
Lithuanian contingent is ready for standby for Nordic European Union Battlegroup, their certification will take place in Sweden in November
The Lithuanian contingent has finished the national part of the training for standby for the Nordic European Union Battlegroup (EU NBG) as of the beginning of the following year. They have the final step ahead of them, the certification exercise due to take place in Sweden in November that will put to test the readiness of the whole NBG formed by seven countries to respond to emerging crises.
“That has been a huge challenge, both in terms of logistic tasks and cultural differences,” Lithuanian officer deployed home from the mission in Mali says
On January 31 Captain Andrius Raziūnas, officer of the Logistics Command, was formally welcomed home and decorated after a six-month tour of duty as movement and transportation operations officer with the European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) in Bamako at a ceremony at the Logistics Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in Vilnius.